Nicolas Benamou #comedy #slapstick

Nicolas Benamou begins in 2000 in the show doped with good humor “Le Morning Live”, hosted by Michael Youn on M6. A collaboration that will continue by the side of music, since it will direct thereafter the clips of Fatal Bazooka, including that of “SParle à ma main”, which earned him the NRJ Award clip of the year in 2008.

He develops his humorous, offbeat and politically incorrect touch. Whatever the projects he undertakes, eclectic and versatile, he remains closely tied to the world of jokes, participates to the production of Florence Foresti and Michael Youn’s DVDs, which he never leaves, and works as a second-team director and production supervisor on his film Fatal (2009).

This first cinema experience leads him to move behind the camera, as he directs his first feature film in 2010, “Wok the Kasbah”, with the very popular Vincent Lacoste and Alice Belaïdi. He then collaborates on the staging of other comedies, such as “Les Kaïra” and “Paris à tout prix”.

In 2014, he meets Philippe Lacheau, co-writer of comedy “Paris à tout prix”, and both sign “Babysitting”, a crazy comedy partly done in found-footage. Big success, the sequel comes out in 2015 and this time it takes place in Brazil.