“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye”.  Dorothy Parker



Brand positionning

Creativity is not everything. We believe that the most creative idea is useless if it doesn’t inspire any emotions. Emotions is our thinking. However it’s important to determine first what you want to tell, and why ? With the Filmstrategy we help you position your brand as well as set the mood (humour, drama, suspense…) of the story.


Brand Story
Unlike other agencies, we don’t work with creatives. We have writers. Some write for the cinema, some write lyrics, other novels… They all have something in common, they want to write a great story with emotions. However we believe that emotions are nothing if they are not embedded into a story that works. Our approach is different: the brand story is not just a concept, it’s a script.


Visual // Direction style
We have in-house talents who are also directors. Because they have taken part in the creative writing process they can supplement the story.


Film // Webfilm
We produce our own creative content. We have in-house producers that produce the story that we imagined for your brand. We believe that having everything