Maxime Pasque #wacky #Comedy #fanciful

A little over 30 years ago, barely free from his cradle, the rump just stripped of his diapers and the bottle still threaded to the slobbering, your servant began his cinephile learning by ruining his small retinas to devour loosely the entire filmography of Jerry Lewis (at the time the screens were super big and you had to move your butt to change channels).

Growing up it is off from jokes, humour made of Monty Python and the spoofs of Adam McKay that I sharpen my knowledge of comedies (passage in the first person so as to contradict the Alain Delonisme diagnosed by psychiatrists) before whipping out some word processing and playing with cameras on various film projects. Common denominators: absurdity, ludicrousness, burlesque, slapstick, surrealism and poetry.

What do you want my lady, it is what it is!