Catherine Cosme #social drama #athmospheric

I am a film director, art director and set designer for movies and theatre. I graduated in scenography from the La Cambre school in Brussels.

During 2018, I work on scenography for Serge Aime Coulibaly, Maia Sandoz, La Cambre SHOW, and Rachid Benzine for his last production.

My work as art director and set designer includes A Wedding, directed by Stephan Streker, the TV series The Break, directed by Matthieu Donck and The Lobster’s Cry by Nicolas Guiot, which was awarded the César for Best Short Film in 2013.

And soon you will see my collaboration with Laurent Micheli for his second movie Lola vers la mer, Mathieu Donck for the season 2 for The Break, and Stephan Streker for his last confidential script.

As I was observing directors working with actors, I progressively felt like writing and making my own films. Les Amoureuses (The Lovers) is my first movie. The film evokes the first love story, which is a bittersweet moment that no one forgets, even more so when it happens at the end of summertime. Actually, my second short movie Famille (Family) produced by Helicotronc is on post production.